Cheating, Pleasing and Cream Pie Eating

As many of my callers know, I have a live-in boyfriend that loves to take part in fulfilling my cuckolding fantasies.

My boyfriend is not only understanding, but he is also fully invested in my pleasure.  He is a big guy (college football full back) with a little dick (5 inches hard) that shows how much he cares about me by fully supporting me when I fuck other men.  He knows that I deserve a big cock to fuck!

There is a special chair in our bedroom where my boyfriend sits to watch me being plowed by the latest well-hung stud that I have brought home.  He sits there and watches as mytight, wet cunt is filled and spread.  He listens as I come over and over again.  He waits until it’s time for him to fulfill his clean-up obligations.  I can practically see him drooling, so great is his anticipation and craving of cream pie!

I clamp my pussy closed, keeping all of that hot load sealed deeped inside my well-pounded cunt and have my boyfriend lay back on the bed.  Then I lower myself down toward his face and and release that hot, yummy load of jizz all over his open and waiting mouth.  Mmmmm!

I can't wait until the next time that I get to cheat, please and feed someone my cream pie.  Any volunteers? *giggles*


Hayley May

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Open up and say yummy!

Have you been a good little sperm bank?

You know I love seeing you down on your knees, mouth open wide and eager for a hot sticky load from a big cock (bonus points if it's of the black variety! *giggles*).

Nothing makes me happier than pushing you towards your dirty little cum dumpster fantasy!  Whether it's at my place, your place, a hotel or a local glory hole, I love being on the phone with you, along for the cock sucking ride!

So why not give up the facade of your manliness, pick up the phone and hit your knees?  I promise that it will be anexperience that you never forget *winks*

Hayley May
ext: 03374991

What's your poison?

Toy time is quality time!
I have a pretty darn impressive treasure trove of toys that I love to break out when my pets come to play.

There are butt plugs and dildos, cock rings and vibrators, handcuffs and whips, anal beads and vibrating eggs.  And of course, the cream of the crop (and my favorites) the strap-on cocks!

Toys can take an average sexual encounter and turn it into a fantasy fulfilling romp in the sheets.  All good boys should have some!

So what's your poison?  Send me a message with your favorite toy (and why you love it) and I will send you a special XXX pic.  Now, that's what I call a fair trade *giggles*

Until next time,
xoxo - Hayley May