About Me

I'm Hayley.  I'm young, hot and demanding.  I love wrapping you around my little finger and manipulating you into my control with my tight body and evil giggle.
I like to bring you right to the edge of pleasure, play with you, leave you hanging, begging for more....and then pull you back! *giggles*  So much fun.  I am the spider...you are the fly.
Tell me your deepest, darkest and most perverted secrets.  I promise to not only enjoy them with you, running through them over and over until we are both satisfied, but also to keep them between us...as long as you are a very good boy.
I want to have fun giggling at the silliness that you come up with to amuse me.  Just some of my favorite fetishes are Tease and Denial, Chastity, Humiliation, CBT, Cuckolding, Forced Feminization, Smothering, Panty Boys, Sissy Sluts, Strap-On Training, Body Worship.
What's yours? Let's talk...send me an email and let the addiction begin!

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