Sweet Sissy Gets a Spanking

Sweet little sissy slut, Susie had been a naughty girl.  She had come to me for some sissy boy training and told me that she was ready, willing and able to serve me in ANY way possible.  Susie knew that eventually, that would mean getting on her knees and sucking some big, fat cock...everyone knows that my favorite thing to do is get a slutty little sissy faggot sucking and slurping!

So, Susie was supposed to be my newest cum dumpster.  I had spent days training her to suck big dildos and gettting her all feminized and ready to serve on her knees.  Susie kept telling me that she was ready to be my good cock sucking slut, but when my friend Derek showed up (hard cock in hand *giggles*), she suddenly got all silly and shy.

I had Susie flip her skirt up and show Derek her slutty little cum filled panties, and sashay around for his viewing pleasure, but she still balked at getting on her knees.  Naughty girl!  I was NOT happy to be denied, so I had Susie lay across Derek's lap and spanked her naughty little ass HARD!!

Of course, she loved it...ooooohing and ahhhhing the whole time and shaking her little pantie covered ass.  That spanking got her ALL excited and she whipped around and latched onto Derek's cock like it was her life line *lmfao*  That sweet little sissy sucked and sucked until Derek emptied his balls deep into her slutty stomach.  Yummy!

Something tells me that Susie's next cock sucking assignment will go MUCH smoother *giggles*


Hayley May
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