When Girls Fuck Back

Some men spend their whole lives treating their cock like a weapon…something to lord over women, to use against them.

Take one of my recent callers, Dave for example.  He was constantly picking random bitches up at bars and taking them into the alley behind the joint, his car or to a hotel to use them and abuse them.  He would fuck them in every way possible and degrade them until his balls were empty and the girl he had used as a hole was left there like a dirty tissue.

Dave kept on with his slutty behavior for years…until he met a couple of girls that changed his point of view (and his fucking habits) forever.  Dave went to his favorite pick up spot that night and saw the two hotties across the bar.  He marked them as sluts and an easy target…boy, was he wrong!
The girls noticed him staring and accepted the drinks that he had sent over, as well as his invitation to join him at his motel room next door.  After closing and locking the door behind them, the girls went into the bathroom to “slip into something more comfortable,” while Dave eagerly stripped down to his birthday suit and laid back on  the bed with a rapidly hardening dick.

The first girl came out and told Dave that she and her friend had always had a rape fantasy and asked him if he would be up for the challenge.  Being a world class user and abuser of women, Dave said that he was more than happy to help them out and laid there with an expectant and shit eating grin on his face.

That was when the other girl came out of the motel’s bathroom, naked…except for a 9 inch strap-on cock.

“So, you want to help us with our rape fantasy, do you?”  Dave’s eyes got big and followed her big dick, as she came over to him on the bed.  “Time for you to get a taste of your own medicine, you filthy make whore!  We’ve heard all about you using women like your own personal sex toys, and decided that it’s your turn to be fucked and left like trash.”

The girls then took turns fucking him like a woman, in every imaginable position, for the rest of the night.  They fucked his tight little man pussy, they raped his mouth and spanked his ass.  So much fun!

Dave learned a very good lesson that night…don’t fuck with girls, cause sometimes they fuck back HARD! *giggles*


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