My weekend fun...

I had a fun weekend, and thought I would share with you ;)  I went out with the girls Saturday night and managed to get up to no good, of course *lol*
I met up with Mandy and Brooke at a local club.  We hit the floor and got all hot and bothered making our way across it, shaking our asses.  Such good fun for such naughty girls!
As I was moving my body to the music, I noticed a guy devouring me with his eyes.  I played with him for awhile, twisting and turning luscious, young body in ways that were sure to cause a stirring in his pants *giggles*
I watched as he made his way across the crowded club to me.  He was a good looking older man that had a look of hunger and desire on his face that was as plain to see.  "What's on your mind, honey?"  I was dying to know what was behind those eyes...what was causing that hungry look.  He told me that I reminded him of his wife when she was young and went on to tell me all about her hot, tight body and how she used to not just flaunt herself to all of the men she encountered, but even bring some of them home to play with.
My curiosity piqued, I asked what he meant by "play with."  He told me that she would ride them long and hard, until she was satisfied.  I mentioned that he sure seemed to know a lot about her extracurricular sex life, he told me that was because she made him watch while she was being fucked long and hard by the hot, young things she bringing home to pleasure her.
As he continued on with his story, I laughed and laughed to hear that she not only made him watch, but also made him serve as fluffer and clean up boy.  I could see the desire continue to grow in his eyes as he told me more and more of his depraved secrets and he could tell that I was not only listening but enjoying what he was telling me.
I ended up giving him my phone number and we plan on getting together and playing out our own fantasies together sometime soon!
Until next time,
xoxo Hayley

The Definition of Fetish

I happened upon some interesting articles about fetishism lately and thought I would share my amusement at what I found.

The first article I happened upon was a list of 46 fetishes that you've never heard of from the Huffington Post. There are some real doozies on there *lol*

 The next site I stumbled upon was a fetish erotica literature hub that offers 100s of free fetish stories.  I browsed through those for quite awhile, and even came up with some new ideas for my next phone session ;)
And finally, there's the good old Urban Dictionary, which is always good for a laugh!  It's the best medicine, after all ;) To me, a fetish is a fixation...something that you just can't get out of your mind, because you enjoy it that much.  It's something that gets inside of your head and just stays there.

So, what's your definition of the term fetish?  What's it mean to you?

Until next time,
 xoxo Hayley

Tease and Denial Fun

There is something so exciting about denying a man one of his most basic freedoms...his orgasms.  The sheer surge of power that it gives me to lord my control over a man with a throbbing cock and full, painful balls fills my whole body with desire.
In fact, my pussy is plumped and tingling just thinking of locking you up with my words and deeds.  I can see you now...dripping with sweat, throbbing cock twitching between your thighs as I tease you relentlessly with my stunning body and evil mind.
And who, knows?  I may even let you cum...eventually.  So, pick up the phone.  Let's begin.
Until then,
xoxo Hayley

It's pussy pounding time!

Hi there, slut!  My name is Hayley May, and I do love humiliating and pimping you out.
Think about it...I bring home a very well hung stud to fuck, and you get to sit in the corner in a pair of your sluttiest little panties and watch as he pounds my pussy and fills me to the brim with a hot load of salty jizz.
I love watching you crawl across the bed with your little willy straining the frilly material of your panties.  You come to a stop between my thighs and lower your pathetic face to my plump pussy lips, where I instruct you to clean up my stud's mess with your mouth.
I get wet just thinking about forcing you into becoming a more feminine being.  And I know that your little prissy pecker gets stiff when you think about me pimping you out.
So come on...put on your big girl panties and take a journey with me.  One where you become my sweet little slut.  I will be there with you, holding your hand the whole way.  Or should I say, forcing it? *wink*