Caught in the act...

Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I love a good dirty story.

In fact, my boyfriend got me a Kindle, just so I could read as much erotica as I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted...score!

Recently, I stumbled across a book that is all about a secretive sissy college student that is caught trying on his sexy neighbor's clothes - and what she does with him when she finds him in her panties.

It was a really good read and I just wanted to share it with my favorite closet crossdressers out there!

I would LOVE to be in the sexy neighbor's position and get to come up with a plan for what I would do with a silly little sissy that was trying on my lingerie without permission *giggles*

Anyways, enjoy the steamy read and BONUS points for anyone that calls me afterwards to discuss the book and how you would feel if you were the one caught red-handed in a racy black thong!


Hayley May