Cock Sucker = Faggot?

I've always been attracted to men that will do ANYTHING to get what they want...and I do mean ANYTHING.

That can mean anything from simply bending over backwards to make me happy with quality time or gifts, trying something new, or all the way to the extremes of sexual deviancy.

There have been plenty of guys that have done things that they NEVER thought they would do just to keep me happy...

* The straight-laced business man that wore panties under his suit to make me giggle

* The manly alpha football player with the little dicky that watched me take a pounding from his teammate to make sure that I was satisfied

* The quiet professor that hit the town as a sexy slut to keep me from being bored during my weekend

But what about the men that commit the ultimate act of perversion to make me happy?

What about the cock suckers?

Those guys that are willing to get down on their knees and swallow a big cock for me...what does that make them? Obedient sub or raging fag?

I've had plenty of sissy sluts that are willing to suck and fuck for me. I think we all know how they would answer this question! *giggles*

I'm not talking about those slutty bitches...I'm talking about the every-day average guy that would rather eat dirt than have their friends know that they eat dick.

So what do you think?

If you suck cock for me...does that make you a closet fag?

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