Cheating on Him = Fun for Me

Some of you might know that I have a boyfriend, and he worships the ground I walk on, of course.

He's kind, supportive and takes great care of me...but, I get bored.  You know this ;)

Sometimes, I like to step out on my man.  I find some hot, young stud and I ride him for all he's worth.  Why?  Three words for you: Big. Black. Cock.

My sweet, supportive boyfriend has an unfortuantely average dick.  It's white, it's small, it's boring. What self-respecting woman wouldn't go looking for more? Especially a size queen like me *ha!*

This is why I prefer BBC. Need I say more?
I keep my boyfriend around to take care of me and pay my bills, but he is also here for amusement purposes, as well. How could a guy with such a small cock possibly do to amuse me, you ask?

Good question! There are many ways, but my favorite is having him slurp hot jizz out of my well-pounded pussy. Such a good source of protein for my man! *giggles*

I do love having the best of both worlds...a wimp to pay my bills and a stable of studs to fuck me silly. I do deserve the best, after all. And he does love crawling between my knees and sucking my pussy clean. 

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