The Female Orgasm and YOU

I have a lot of  men that love nothing more than pleasing me, and sometimes that's as simple as entertaining and amusing me (by following orders, of course *giggles*), but there are other times where they actually have to put some real effort into satisfying me.

I'm speaking of course, of the sometimes elusive female orgasm.  I have found that there are some men that simply have no clue when it comes to bringing a woman to climax.  This should be the main focus of all men!

In my time as a superior female (both professionally and in my private life), I have encountered two types of men and have discovered that this area is very black and white.  There are men that live only to make their woman come and there are men that are completely clueless and seem to feel like their time and their own orgasms are the gift that they bring to the table.  Guess which type of men get the time of day with me?

This may surprise you, but a superior woman can be forgiving in many aspects.  She will put up with your whining and neediness, your deviant desires, the many ways that a submissive male humiliates long as said male is not only able and willing, but talented with his mouth.  A good dose of oral servitude goes a long way!

So, if you haven't perfected your head game yet, what's stopping you?  Get yourself in a serving state of mind and get down on her *giggles*

Until next time,

Hayley May