Shoe shopping with a TWIST

I decided that it was time for some new shoes, so I headed to the local mall and set out find me something sexy and worship worthy...I do love it when men drool over my feet.

As I was perusing the aisles, looking for just the right pair of fuck me pumps to torment my latest group of foot fetish boys, I happened to notice a guy staring at me from across the store.  Now, I'm used to men undressing me with their eyes (you have seen my tits, right??), but this guy was hardcore eyeball fucking me and I was intrigued.

I sashay on over to him and purr "Like what you see, do you?"  He practically trips over himself, nodding and grinning...panting at my attention.  I turn and head toward the nearest dressing room, knowing that he would be trailing behind me like an eager puppy.

He hesitates a bit at the entrance to the ladies dressing room, but when I toss him a come hither glance over my shoulder, he slips right in.  Good boy! 

I hand him the pair of 5 inch black stilettos that I want to take home with me, sit down on  the dressing room bench, and after removing my shoe, lift my bare foot up and place it on his chest.  I rub my pretty painted toes up and down, sliding them along his chest and belly and then rubbing my sexy foot on the growing bulge in his pants.

"Now, slip these new fuck me shoes I've picked out onto me, so we can see how they look," I instruct him.  He does as he's told and I have him kneel before me, so I can hook my legs over his shoulders and give him direct access to my pantie covered pussy...then I grabbed him by the back of the head, pushed his head in between my thighs and told him to go to town!

I smothered his face with my wet, hot pussy and felt his tongue frantically attempting to get past my soaked panties and have full access to my juicy goodness.  As he enjoyed his "meal," I brought one of my high heel fitted feet around and in between his legs and rubbed his hard cock through his pants.  Oh, how he moaned! *giggles*

My new shopping friend ate me raw and I knew I would be leaving with cum filled panties...and so would he! *hahaha*  There's nothing like an impromptu fetish romp at the mall.  Who knew that what started as a shoe shopping spree would turn into a chance for me to come so hard?!

Oh, and he bought me those stilettos, too.


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