Teased and TITillated

I love seeing you there, across the bed from me…naked and vulnerable and oh, so easy to tease and titillate.

I left my shirt up and one of my big natural tits slowly pops out into view and I can see your cock twitch…the shirt goes up a bit more and both tits are now free and your cock is dancing in anticipation.  Next, come the panties, already drenched in my juice.

You watch as my dirty panties drop to the ground and I slide my hand up my thigh and in between my legs.  “I’m going to start rubbing myself now and I want you to do the same,” I tell you.  I can see how eager you are in your eyes AND your cock *giggles*

Telling you how to stroke that dick for me makes me so damn wet!  And teasing you with my huge tits and naughty giggle makes you explode all over the place, “I’ve made a big mess over here, Hayley.”  Of course, you have!  Can’t help yourself.

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My Toy, My Cum Slut

There is nothing that I dislike more than false advertisement.  When I’m promised something, I expect to get it.  Period.

One of my new fuck toys, Eric, had been promising me for weeks that he would do some freaky things for me, but I had yet to see him deliver and it was starting to frustrate me…badly.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Eric has an amazing cock and is tons of fun to fuck (anyone that knows me at all, knows that I am in an open relationship and my boyfriend knows that I do what I want, when I want).

The thing is, that Eric kept promising that he was going to slurp his own cum for me (I even gave him the easy way out and told him that he could suck it off of my huge natural tits…see, I can be nice!), but he had yet to fulfill his cum eating promises.

So, I decided to set Eric up…to trick him right into becoming the cum eating sex toy that I wanted him to be *giggles*  I called Eric up and told him that my pussy was dripping wet and waiting for him and that he better bring his A game, because I was super hot!  That boy nearly wrecked his car getting over to my place *hahaha*

When he got here, I met him at the door wearing nothing but cumfilled panties and grabbed him by the cock (which was stiff and twitching already) and led him into the bedroom.  I let him toss me onto the bed, huge tits bouncing and have his way with me, until I had orgasmed twice.  Then, I pushed him over onto his back and rode him until he exploded.

While he was still recovering, I slid his cock out of me and showed him what a big mess he had made…and moved my pounded and cum drenched pussy towards his face.  “What are you doing?!” he wanted to know.  I informed him that he had promised me something and now he was going to have nochoice but to be my cum slut…I lowered myself onto his face and told him that I wasn’t going to move an inch until he had sucked every drop of hot, sticky and bittersweet cum out of my used cunt. *hahaha*

My new toy and cum slut latched onto me hot pussy and licked meclean, moaning and stiffening for round two.  Poor Eric never even guessed what was on the menu, but now that he’s had a taste, he’ll be sure to “cum back” for more!

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Responsible pet ownership

There is nothing more satisfying than completely owning a man and training him to be my own personal play thing…my pet.

Men are weak by nature, following their cocks through life.  It’s like I always say…Control the cock, control the man.

Some of my newest favorite pets have been highly entertaining!  They beg and whimper and moan for me.  They perform the most depraved acts imaginable, just for my attention and approval.  And owning them is so easy, but I also take it very seriously.

I make sure that my pets are well-cared for and supplied with all of they need to perform to their utmost ability.  I have cock sucking pets, pantie boy pets, jerk off instruction pets and sissy slut pets.  They may have different ways of serving, but they also have one thing in common…happiness at being owned by ME!

Ahhh, the pure pleasure of responsible pet ownership is true satisfaction.  Want to give in and experience the joy of turning over all control?  Give me a call and let me know that you want to be owned!


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Strap-on Slut

I had a call with a strap-on slut named Robert tonight.  He took my 9" strapped-on dick in his mouth AND his tight little faggot hole while I filmed the whole thing *hahaha*

Slutty fairy Robert gobbled my big cock and spread his legs wide for me and begged for pegging pleasure.  Such a loser whore!

I made him my bitch, fucked him like a woman and gave him a healthy dose of mouth rape.

After wearing his ass out from behind, showering him with verbal humiliation and showing him how a true humiliatrix conducts business, I flipped him over, buried my strap-on deep into his faggot ass and jerked his cock off into his open and waiting mouth.  He begged for some CEI, so I told him to eat his own jizz...say ahhhhh cum dumpster!

He thanked me for my time and told me how much fun he'd had.  Another satisfied and satiated caller shares his secrets and gives into his fetish desires.  I love my life! *giggles*

Devlish Xs and Os,

Hayley May
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Sissy Slut Sunday

I talked to a sissy boy named “Kylie” tonight and heard all about how badly he wanted to be forced into crossdressing and being turned into a complete cock sucking, man fucking sissy slut.  Since I love sissy boy training, I was more than happy to pimp him out!

First, I had Kylie slip into the sexiest and sluttiest outfit that I could find…a black leather mini skirt and sheer white top with a hooker red bra and panties on underneath.  Then, I painted “her” up like a whore and made sure she smelled sweet and fuckable. Finally, I marched her ass over to the gay bar across the street and told her that since she wanted to look like a woman, she was going to act like one!

Kylie took the first guy that I pointed out into the bar’s back room and got his pants around his ankles and then had her gobble his cock like she was starving and it was her last meal *hahaha*  She took his dick deep in her throat, gagging and slobbering on it like the good cock sucking faggot that I knew was in there somewhere.

After her mouth had been raped, I told my sissy bitch that it was time for that tight little fuck hole to be stuffed and stretched.  This whore was so eager, that she dropped to all fours and stuck her ass in the air, as I lead the next big boner over to that tight hole.

Kylie sucked and fucked her way through the entire bar and was covered head to slutty toes in jizz and went home with a pair of cum filled panties*giggles*  There’s nothing quite like a healthy does of forced bi phone sex and forced anal fun to turn any other day into Sissy Slut Sunday.

Ready to be owned by a true humiliatrix?  Well, pick up the phone and pucker up…the sissy boy humiliation is about to begin!


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Phone Sex with a Size Queen

You’ve always had that creeping doubt in your mind…that you just don’t measure up.

Guess what?  You’re RIGHT! *hahaha*

Hot bitches like me don’t fuck men with teeny tiny peckers.  In fact, you’re good for one thing and one thing only.  Entertainment!

I was chatting with one of my favorite small penis humiliation guys the other day and mentioned to him that I have an entire penis size chart in my head and that if you don’t make the cut, you end up wearing panties and rubbing your little clitty while I tease and torment you with my big natural tits and wicked giggle.  

The thought of you sitting there in your cum filled panties tickles me pink!

Go on and admit…the thought of a hot, young size queen like me laughing her ass off at you gets that wee willy winky of yours all plumped up and twitching.  I can just see you there, on the other end of the phone…whimpering, moaning and thrusting your hips up, wanting to FUCK a tight hole so badly, but knowing that you don’t have the TOOL for the job *hahahaha*

But don’t worry, loser…you are still good for some things and the best part is that being used and abused is what makes BOTH of us happy and gets that little chiclet in your pants dripping and leaking and creaming for me.

So much fun!  I can’t wait to chew you up and spit you out *giggles*

Until then…


1-800-863-5478 ext: 03677477

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Shoe shopping with a TWIST

I decided that it was time for some new shoes, so I headed to the local mall and set out find me something sexy and worship worthy...I do love it when men drool over my feet.

As I was perusing the aisles, looking for just the right pair of fuck me pumps to torment my latest group of foot fetish boys, I happened to notice a guy staring at me from across the store.  Now, I'm used to men undressing me with their eyes (you have seen my tits, right??), but this guy was hardcore eyeball fucking me and I was intrigued.

I sashay on over to him and purr "Like what you see, do you?"  He practically trips over himself, nodding and grinning...panting at my attention.  I turn and head toward the nearest dressing room, knowing that he would be trailing behind me like an eager puppy.

He hesitates a bit at the entrance to the ladies dressing room, but when I toss him a come hither glance over my shoulder, he slips right in.  Good boy! 

I hand him the pair of 5 inch black stilettos that I want to take home with me, sit down on  the dressing room bench, and after removing my shoe, lift my bare foot up and place it on his chest.  I rub my pretty painted toes up and down, sliding them along his chest and belly and then rubbing my sexy foot on the growing bulge in his pants.

"Now, slip these new fuck me shoes I've picked out onto me, so we can see how they look," I instruct him.  He does as he's told and I have him kneel before me, so I can hook my legs over his shoulders and give him direct access to my pantie covered pussy...then I grabbed him by the back of the head, pushed his head in between my thighs and told him to go to town!

I smothered his face with my wet, hot pussy and felt his tongue frantically attempting to get past my soaked panties and have full access to my juicy goodness.  As he enjoyed his "meal," I brought one of my high heel fitted feet around and in between his legs and rubbed his hard cock through his pants.  Oh, how he moaned! *giggles*

My new shopping friend ate me raw and I knew I would be leaving with cum filled panties...and so would he! *hahaha*  There's nothing like an impromptu fetish romp at the mall.  Who knew that what started as a shoe shopping spree would turn into a chance for me to come so hard?!

Oh, and he bought me those stilettos, too.


1-800-863-5478  ext: 03375007

Stroke for me!

One of my favorite things to do is control a man’s cock.  My enjoyment of cock control ranges from sensual guided masturbation, to edging,to full scale chastity and everything in between.

There is no better way to hook a man (and keep him hooked!) than to tease him into submission with my luscious body, sharp mind and killer giggle.

Last night, I was playing with one of my strokers named Matt.  I was guiding him through a JOI session (oh, how I love some jerk off instruction fun) and bringing him right to the edge of orgasm….and then back *giggles*  The poor boy was a moaning, begging mess when I finallylet him cum for me.

Matt was so grateful for his orgasm, sweet little stroker that he is.  That’s the thing about men that I just adore…how easily controlled they are!

Forget the old saying, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  The truth of the matter is that the express train to owning a man is controlling his orgasms.  Own the cock, own the man!

1-800-863-5478  ext: 03415351

Cuckold Cravings

You’ve been doing it again, haven’t you?  

Thinking about how hot it would be to walk in on your wife with the hot neighbor, or her boss, or the personal trainer at the gym…anyone that has a big dick to stretch and fill thatpretty pink pussy.

Seeing her there on YOUR bed, with her legs spread and ready for that hard, throbbing cock…while you sit in the corner and watch as she is pleasured over and over by another man.

You know that if you’re a good boy, you’ll get to clean up that pounded and cum filled puffy pussy when he’s done.

Or maybe she’s sneaking around on you…she’s been dressing super sexy for work all of a sudden and she has lost ALL interest in sex of any kind with you, except for oral.  She can’t seem to get enough of your mouth and tongue after she comes home (late again!) at night.  And she’s so WET!  She comes home with cum filled panties…who knows from how many men?

Your craving for cream pie, sucked straight from her well fucked pussy, is overwhelming.  You’re becoming obsessed with your secret cuckold fantasy and your desire to live it out is growing.

One of my greatest pleasures is living that fantasy out with you live, over the phone.  Cuckold role play phonesex is very high on my list of favorite things to do, so why not give in and try it?  

Who knows…maybe your wife is thinking the same thing about the neighbor, or her boss or her trainer…

1-800-863-5478 ext: 03677477