Blackmailed, dressed up and put to work!

I had an entertaining call last night with sweet little Kyle.  He was calling to get some advice on a very awkward situation that he had found himself in, poor thing!
Apparently, Kyle was running short of money after moving into his new place and buying his new car and found himself without electricity after not paying his deposit.  His mommy was there helping him to get all moved in and they went across the street to get some A/C since he had none at home yet, and he ran into some very unsavory characters.  Turns out that he had moved in across from a *gasp* GAY BAR!
Three of the bar's patrons singled my sweet new friend out in the back room, pulled his shorts down and fingered his tender hole...all while his mommy was waiting in the other room!
Kyle made it through his twink trial and thought it was all over, until he discovered that the well-hung thugs had pictures of him being paraded around naked and finger fucked in the back room.  They were threatening to show his mother and make his life miserable if he didn't get dressed up and come over and entertain the bar patrons to try and bring in more business.  The bar owner sweetened the deal by letting Kyle know that he would be paid well for being the bar slut *giggles*
Needing some advice, he called me and I let him know that he should just accept his situation and be the best little gay bar slut that he could be!  He asked me to help him get ready, so we picked out an outfit (black mini, sexy pink shirt) and I went over, in detail, the best ways to be a good slutty billboard for the bar.
We talked about how he would have to suck and fuck and he would be known as "Kylie" while he was fulfilling his role as back room whore.  I told him he would have to flirt and tease and flip up his skirt and take dirty pictures with the boys!
I can't to hear more about Kylie's night and see the resulting pictures of him being blackmailed, dressed up and put to work *hahahaha*
Until next time,
xoxo Hayley May

Satisfaction by phone

I have realized something...I am a very lucky girl.
I get to live out (and satisfy) all of my dirty little fantasies over the phone.  I get my needs fuss, no muss.  Who could ask for more than that?
I also get to learn and expand my fetish base via satisfaction by phone.  There have been times that callers have shown me new paths of sexual enlightenment and I've found that fetishes I never would have even thought of can be very mutually satisfying.
Being open-minded has always been very important to me, and has help me enjoy life and some of that has been a direct result of my time on the phone.  So, thanks to all you pervs out there! *giggles*
How do you feel about satisfaction by phone and expanding your sexual experiences?
Until next time,
xoxo Hayley

Complete Control...Piggy Bitch Play!

I had an awesome night...I gained complete control of my new favorite little bitch, Sassy.
When he came to me, he didn't even have a name. I took care of that, and gave him a new one, just for us.  Then, the little slut came totally clean and told me that he wanted to be owned by me...that I was his Goddess...that he would do ANYTHING for me, and went on to prove it by telling me he was going to be my piggy bitch.
Piggy dressed up in little pink ears, a springy tail and a blonde wig...he became my own version of Miss Piggy, and he just squealed and oinked and carried on like a complete FOOL and I just laughed and laughed and laughed!  SO MUCH FUN!!
Piggy told me that he would suck all of my male friends off for my enjoyment and entertainment...that he would lay on his back and take big black cock in his slutty little pussy for me, while my friends and I watched and giggled...and the video camera ran, of course.
The submissive perversions were aplenty with my piggy pet and things just got nastier and kinkier as time went on.  He couldn't get enough!  Piggy called me THREE times *hahahaha*
I can't wait to hear back from piggy and laugh my ass off at his silliness some more!
Princess Hayley
P.S. Make sure to check out my Sassy slut taking a BBC for me below, like the good bitch that he is!

An evening of cuckolding pleasure...

There is nothing that I enjoy more than going out on the prowl in my hometown, looking for some fetish fun...there is usually quite the opportunity ;)
Recently, I was able to stumble upon an amazing possibility at a local beach bar.  I picked up two hot frat boys and turned them into a means to get some cuckolding pleasure!
Brett and Adam were quite accommodating (not to mention tickled pink) and all three of us THOROUGHLY enjoyed our evening!  You can hear all about my night of pussy pounding, forced cock sucking and stud fucking...aren't you lucky?
Until next time,
Hayley May

Submissive Perversions

I have come across some twisted boys in my time.  As long as I am being served and entertained, I say the freakier the kink, the better!
I've talked to many different subbies, with many different perversions, but the one thing that always remains the same is the central theme in my life...a sexy, superior woman, a.k.a ME.
There are the strokers...the boys that love to take jerk off instruction and only some when they are allowed to (which isn't often, trust me!) and then there are the sissy sluts that love to show their willingness to serve by getting on their knees and swallowing cock for me, and they are eager to serve, the cum gobblers!
So, which one is my favorite, you ask?  My favorite type of submissive perversions are ALL of them!  I want you nasty, dirty, raunchy and ready to go the extra mile to please me and make me giggle.  And you know what?  You LOVE it, don't you, perv? *hahahaha*
Until next time,
Hayley May